2019 Workshops

We hope you’ll join us for a fun adventure on Saturday, May 11th into the healing intelligence of the color green and the wood element of Traditional Chinese Medicine! See flyer below for more info!


2018 workshops

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Karni Zor is a gifted astrologer, story teller and healer. We are so fortunate to have spent this time together practicing with the astrological cards!



Healing Toolkit Series

A practical, fun workshop series for healers, parents, animal caregivers and anyone who wants to activate their natural healing systems in more conscious and powerful ways.

Toolkit 1: The hands & energy field

Join us in discovering how to work with the natural polarities of the hands to clean and charge the body and energy field. We will also introduce working with a few healing stones for pain anesthetization and calming of the nerves.


toolkit 2: kinesiology

An essential part of every wellness toolkit, kinesiology or muscle testing is becoming widely recognized as an effective way to access the body intelligence for many things such as food sensitivity testing, choosing supplements and more.

In today's 'information age' and decreased connection with the Earth and intuitive guidance, this can be a huge stress reliever!


Toolkit 3: healing with color

Color is such a natural healing food that every person experiences at some level. This workshop will give you the access to a new level of awareness and connection with the essence of each of the seven colors. This is wonderful tool to use with children and animals as well as adults!