Patch of Diamonds

creating a brighter world * fostering healthy community * promoting natural education & development

We offer and promote a variety of programs and events for youth, adults, parents, teachers and families, with the central theme of strengthening the core of each person and growing powerful qualities in the world such as trust, courage, peace and compassion.

Our home base, Patch of Diamonds Ranch, is in Southern Vermont just north of Brattleboro- nestled within 14 vibrant acres of rolling hills, mountain views, forests and healing gardens. The land is shared with an abundance of wildlife as well as horses, dogs, cats and people, together creating a special sense of sanctuary and well-being.

The equine members of our family are central to many of the programs and events we offer


Why ‘patch of diamonds’?

In these fast-paced, demanding times, connections between people and with the natural worlds are often fragmented, or lacking depth leading to loneliness, depression, illness and even violence. The name Patch of Diamonds is a reminder that each person (even if they may not realize it) stands amidst their own 'patch of diamonds' or natural connections and charisma.

P.O.D. programs offer a safe, peaceful ecology in which people can be themselves, reconnect to their true nature, strengthen their inner core and grow new connections.

P.O.D. is not affiliated with any political or religious organizations and welcomes people of all ethnicity and beliefs.

Every person is able to recognize and grow qualities in themselves that bring brightness into their lives and into the world- qualities such as:
These are natural things that can be taught & need to be grown
for now and for the future.